The Power of Fibre

Rogers Fibre Means Better Business
And More Power To You.

New and upgraded Rogers Fibre Access (RFA) solutions will now be fitted with a 1 Gbps Ethernet connection to enterprise customers with the capability to support Rogers Dedicated Internet (RDI) and Rogers Ethernet Services (RES) and all future products over the same access.

Standard Rogers Business Solutions multi-service access enables our customers the ability and efficiencies of scaling their services in a more timely and cost effective manner. New services along with upgrades would be logical rather than physical, enabling quicker service activations while reducing upfront installation and access costs.

Fibre Means Speed

Your business moves more quickly today than ever. Your data should too. With Rogers fibre, it does – courtesy of our bandwidth and network capacity.

Fibre Means Scalability

One Rogers fibre connection to your business gives you the ability to add multiple services and features when you need them. Scale economically – with any bandwidth requirement – as you grow.

Fibre Means Dependability

We built our fibre for speed, reliability and staying power. And we did it using our experience as Canada’s trusted provider of voice and data communications.

Fibre Means Service

Whether you’re a location of 10 or a corporation of 500 or more people, we provide full technical support so your team can enjoy all the benefits of Rogers fibre, without delay.

The Simplicity of Ethernet

Why use Ethernet as our customer interface?

  • Most common network interface in use today; readily connects to any network device
  • Supports multiple services over a single connection with easy turn-up of new services
  • Scalable bandwidth to meet future needs
  • Simple Interface reduces cost of ownership & simplifies operational support

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